A Detailed Guide about Proxy

A Detailed Guide about Proxy

PROXy is a anonymous tool. There are are several free web proxy services. Amongst them one of the most simple way to bypass some restrictions without compromising privacy is proxfree. It is a proxy site directly in the web browser 

How does it work?

Simply enter the address of the website that one person wishes to access in a predetermined space and the private browsing starts.

Why it is useful?

People prefer to use Proxy free so as to operate in a censored environment. It is most commonly and frequently used while visiting blocked websites and censored videos. It acts as a savior in countries where certain websites have been restricted.



* It is completely free of cost you can open PROXFREE without spending a penny on it.

* It gives a key feature of SSL encryption

* Powerful webservices in multiple continents.

* It has the facility of easily changeable IP addresses.

* Compatible proxies like YouTube proxy FB proxy and adult proxy


First and foremost PROXFREE allows internet browsing anonymously. Apart from this it also permits web access. Besides there being restrictions implemented by ISP. Thus it is the most secure way of hiding private



There are chances that due to the use of proxfree website browsing might go a bit slower as compared to regular surfing. But this demerit weights very less as compared to the benefit of anonymous surfing without leaving any footprint


Prior to everything the person decides the side that he or she wishes to access. Thereafter do not try to Endeavour the website directly. Rather one must make a request to the proxy website. PROXFREE will Fetch the page for the person before sending the webpage the browser shell encrypt the content. It will also remove all script here as well as prompting advertisements.

This, increases the web privacy by hiding the public IP address issued by ISP and routing all traffic through different public service and addresses. With this technique it helps people avoid content blocks that are placed on certain IP addresses and works as a gateway to access it.Proxy is a fast free and highly compatible anonymous web proxy service with easily changeable IP address and SSL security.

So, concisely, we can say that proxy free runs on Microsoft windows. If we take a look at it’s origin, then we’ll find out it was invented in the year of 1999 in order to serve the purpose of sharing an internet connection. Till then, kit’s being developed continuously. Today, it offers numerous internet related services. Although it’s a free software, it is unavailable to all because of public licence issues. Hope this article helps.