Why Don’t You Need A Digital Marketing Agent Anymore?

Most of the startups and SMEs hire a digital marketing agent to set up marketing and advertisement campaigns for them. This is mostly due to the ambiguous nature of the traditional marketing campaigns. They are based on estimations and assumptions and the actual campaign may turn out to be completely different and sometimes fail completely leading to total waste of money as the payment is done up front. But with the introduction of the performance marketing software, there is no need for a digital marketing expert as you can set it up with the need of a developer or expert. You can get a lucid report based on data and analytics and form campaigns accordingly.

Set Up Campaigns Yourself 

If you are a startup, you must be tight in your marketing budget. Hiring a digital marketing agent will cost you more especially when you can do it as great as them. There is no doubt that performance marketing is a tailor-made platform for startups and even established companies are coming forward to incorporate it along with traditional marketing ways. It has been found that the outreach, conversion rate, and sales figures derived from performance marketing outweigh traditional marketing by far. Most importantly, there is no chance of failure in performance and hence, there will be no waste of money, unlike traditional marketing where the possibilities of failure are higher for startups.

Choose A Popular Performance Marketing Platform – If you choose performance marketing software at Orangear, you can set up marketing campaigns yourself without the need for developers or digital marketing experts. They have different plans for different types of companies starting from startups or enterprises. You can customize anything and everything without any prior knowledge as the interface is extremely intuitive and super easy to use. You can set up everything within an hour and start getting results instantly.

Optimize Your Growth – Starting from the first click to the billing, you can track every client referred by the publishers specifically. There is no chance of digital fraud as is the case with traditional marketing. There are various useful tools and reports available to maximize your income and make the campaigns super successful. You will have the ability to reach out to the advertisers directly, get advanced data visualizations and you can also get high-level of fraud protection. As you grow, you can upgrade your plans to get more features and drive the sales and revenue growth exponentially.