Using Virtual Private Networks to Mask Your IP Address

Since the first inception of Virtual Private networks, the software available to consumers has come down in price considerably. Some even offer free service, but if you are looking for high performance, then even the paid versions of VPNs are still inexpensive.

One of the reasons VPNs have become so popular is for streaming videos or connecting video streaming websites from a location that the website might be restricted. Netflix is one such site can often be tough to access when you are travelling abroad. Even though the company has done a good job of allowing access to its servers from multiple locations, there are still places you will need a VPN to connect.

Furthermore, if you want to stream Netflix from your office, but your office network restricts Netflix, then a VPN will bypass these restrictions. You will need to use a free VPN to test this from work because some office firewalls may ban the ports commonly used by VPNs, but this is highly unlikely in all fairness.

Even If your office does not restrict the VPN access ports, you may not want your IT team knowing that you are streaming movies. As such, you can use a VPN to mask your browsing. The VPN will create a secure connection with the VPN server. A decent VPN (Dazn) experience will be one that does not leak any information about your surfing activity outside of the VPN tunnel.

Other instances that you may want to use a VPN is if you access illegal websites that stream sports. There are plenty out there helping people get around having to buy the paid sports services. In some countries you can get into trouble accessing these sites from your hoe router. Therefore, to mask the fact you are doing this, you can use a VPN to somewhere like Thailand or Malaysia where generally these countries do not restrict these types of websites.

For the best experience look at daznerfahrungen, which gives you an idea of some VPNs available. You may need to use Google Translate, but this website has some great examples of VPNs you can use to stream movies such as Netflix.

Make sure that you do your research and get a secure VPN. Not every VPN service provider out there is perfect or offers a secure service. Try their free versions if they have one and test to see where their servers are or if the servers are in fact in the location they say they are.