MilesWeb Review – High Performing Dedicated Servers

MilesWeb Review

If your hosting is limiting you and your website is running slow, it is time you switch to dedicated hosting.

Websites that run slow and have lower uptime generally face loss of traffic. It leads to lesser sales and the bounce rate increase. It is better to move immediately to better hosting, like cheap dedicated hosting server. Even there are security risks with less powerful hosting. It is not that such hosting services are not apt, but they limit growth after a while. Positively, talking about shared hosting.

Shared hosting generally limits the website from progressing after you start receiving heavy traffic. It doesn’t have the power to handle that much load, and you will also need private space.

In case you are hosting on a VPS server, dedicated hosting provides a complete physical server. Your server will not be virtual as VPS. You will enjoy complete physical isolation and control over the server.

Plus, dedicated hosting will give you more amount of resources that you can utilize to expand and better your business website. Although it will go a little expensive, it is worth every penny. It will help increase sales and provide a smooth running site.

In that case, try MilesWeb. They are a leading hosting services company. They have been providing quality services for nine years. Plus, you can get low-cost dedicated hosting as they are inexpensive.

All About Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is heavy and powerful hosting service. It provides users with the whole dedicated server and 100% dedicated resources. That means you can enjoy a fully physically isolated environment.

Unlike shared hosting, you don’t share a single resource with anyone. Even the server space is fully owned by you. Unlike VPS, there is no virtual environment. You get a whole big dedicated server to increase the productivity of your business website.

Dedicated servers are dynamic. They help increase the performance and output of the website. If your hosting is unable to manage the heavy traffic, the dedicated server will offer you efficiency. It has the power to hold the load and still work smooth. That is why big and heavy websites must opt for dedicated hosting services.

This hosting type has multiple benefits. Firstly, it doesn’t limit you to anything. Plus, other users’ website traffic doesn’t affect yours. You can take the utmost advantage of the resources and privacy provided.

Dedicated hosting also offers high security as you don’t share server space with other users. Any activity from their side nowhere affects the performance of your website. That is one of the best features of dedicated servers.

If I have to compare dedicated hosting with anything, I will compare it with a compartment. You own the complete compartment, and all floors are yours. You don’t share any bit of it with others, but if they want to rent the floor, they can by paying you.

Similarly, you own the entire dedicated server. You resell the resources, but everything belongs to you.

MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting Services

MilesWeb, being the leading hosting provider, has served around 35,000 customers. It offers all hosting services, including dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is the best-selling product. MilesWeb provides it at an inexpensive rate, unlike other providers. So if you are also looking for low-cost dedicated hosting, MilesWeb will fir your expectations. They offer best web hosting Australia services across the world.

They have many packages under this hosting. All plans are according to the need of the website. If your website needs lesser resources, you can go for the first few plans. If your website requires more resources, you can buy one accordingly.

The entry-level dedicated hosting plan costs Rs. 6,999/m. It will offer you all 100% resources as mentioned in the pack. Plus, there is an easy upgrade feature. Anytime you think your website needs more resources, you can upgrade the plan.

MilesWeb provides all resources and features with all its dedicated plans. The difference is with higher plans, resources are expandable.

MilesWeb also provides with best features, which are as follow –

Free SSL Certificate

Only a few hosting companies offer a free SSL certificate. MilesWeb is one of them. With all dedicated hosting plans, you receive one free SSL certificate to protect essential data on the server.

Service Level Agreement

Get the highest network uptime of 99.99% with MilesWeb dedicated hosting plans. Not all companies offer such a high uptime, and MilesWeb is one among the few of those providers.

Host Unlimited Websites

You have the authority to host as many websites as you want. The host lets you resell the resources as well. So, if you have multiple big websites, dedicated hosting will provide efficiency.

Wrap Up

If you have a big eCommerce or heavy traffic website, try switching to dedicated hosting. It will offer better privacy, security and network uptime. It will even enhance the performance of your site.

Further, MilesWeb has low-cost servers. It will fit your budget perfectly, and you can enjoy additional benefits as well.