Key differences of graphic design and web design

The growth of information technology occupies a huge popularity in the field of designing perspectives. As you come across designing websites, graphics, animated objects etc. which represents the same definition of creativity of designing. Currently the utilization of graphics design occupies a desired role in all the cadres of designing concepts and also by including website designing plays a vital role respectively.

But many people are in confusion state without knowing the key difference between designing graphics and websites.

Let’s have a brief note on it;

Here a graphic design is useful to create graphics, images and typography etc. in order to present the right idea or motive of your designing. Many graphic designers usually creates graphics in a digitalized manner like in the form of brochures, banners and any kind of brand materials etc. here the role of graphic designers do not having a responsibility of programming their generated image. They only make graphics even for designing websites respectively.

From the source of www (world wide web), many websites came into existence where the designers creates websites like by adding text, graphics, animated pictures, gif’s etc for an attractive website outlook. A web designer is allowed to design a website according to the instructions provided by the clients. For example, the designed website needs to load as fast as possible and it must run with good speed in an effective manner. Here the designers use compressed graphics for enabling good quality speed limits. Moreover the utilization of HTML and CSS are effectively used for creating an efficient web design and development.


The key differences inculcated with these both designing features are; in graphical designing, programming is not mandatory and not necessarily done by designers only. High resolution and speed quality matters in web designing and it is not necessary and implemented in graphical designing. You can create graphical images in websites as well. Most importantly the graphical designers can utilize the websites from the source world wide web for presenting their motive or idea in the form of graphical presentations exclusively.

Graphical designers think that their presented graphical images do not require programming and can directly be published into the form of printed work. In turn they also have a myth that these websites designing may have low quality of work framing in creating websites compared to their printed work.

Similarly, web designers also have an opinion that graphical designers do not have the capability of understanding websites. These are just myths; both the designers share their created websites and graphics and mutually work together for an efficient creative motive.