Features and overview of the AS400 operating system

AS400 operating system

Small and midsize companies can take advantage of the iSeries of IBM servers which is also popularly known as AS/400. This server is also used by large companies with several departments for managing each department individually. This server has a strong architecture which is self-contained and which consists of a database and hardware, development software, high-end security, middleware, and integrated applications for business use. The main driving factor of this server is the 64-bit operating system known as OS/400 which is the AS400 operating system. This OS offers many data management and transaction features from the IBM’s mainframe line of zSeries.

Web-caching technologies

Systems powered by the AS400 operating system are used for financial and core banking, business intelligence, email and collaboration, CRM systems, gaming applications, ERP systems, EAS and SCM systems. This high-end server system is suitable for businesses where transactions of high volume and large databases are processed. It has a huge customer base of around 2, 00,000 customers globally.

This server line was introduced in 2000 as iSeries which is a part of the eServer family of IBM. These servers include Unix, Intel, and server lines based on mainframe. This has been in the market since around 20 years now and the AS/400 series is the midrange and non-Unix server line for small businesses and departments. With these high-end and secure servers with low downtime, IBM has been concentrating on providing quality services to its customers.

This OS/400 has an implementation of logical partitions (LPAR) technology which is widely used in the zseries of IBM S/390. In this operating system, there is cooperation of latest technology with the x-series of IBM which is an Intel-based product line of the company which gives direct attachment of 4 ways, Windows systems. Currently, the latest release of the AS400 operating system is the OS/400 has released version 5 because of which OS/400 and Linux apps can run on a uniform IBM eServer simultaneously. OS/400 has amazing capabilities of partition management, which is extendable up to 31 partitions of Linux and which can be run on high-end i890, i870, and i825 models OS server.

OS/400 operating system Description

AS400 operating system is a 64-bit operating system with multitasking capabilities which is designed to manage several Internet-based applications such as CRM, ERP, and SCM. It also provides Linux/Windows integration, IBM DB2, Java integration, Lotus Notes/Domino support, and the IBM HTTP Server which is based on Apache. It also provides businesses with the ability to combine multiple servers on a single system with the help of logical partitioning. It allows users to run multiple instances of the OS simultaneously and independent of each other.

This operating system was released in August 2002, and OS/400 v.5 r.2 offers several workload management tools that are responsible for self-optimizing database images and logical partitioning, providing support for WebSphere Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) apps with switched-disk clustering features and adaptive e-transaction capabilities. OS/400 also offers Web-caching technologies and secures socket accelerators that can increase the capacity of the server for distributing and loading secure Web pages. It also enables businesses with new capacity on demand (COD) features and permits processors to be activated as per requirement.