Disable or Remove iCloud

Your iPhone can be integrated with an iCloud account easily with the help of a login user ID and password. This feature opens doors to a world of possibilities with icloud access on your fingertips. It might be stressful in the beginning however, upon using the feature for a few days, you would start loving it. Once you have set up an iCloud account, it exists forever. One can manually delete any type of content from the iCloud account or even stop using it permanently, but Apple provides no way to cancel an iCloud account. But still, one can remove individual iCloud features or remove a device from Find My Device or remove an iCloud account completely from a device.

Disable Individual Features:

To disable specific features of an iCloud service, go to System preferences iCloud app and uncheck the unwanted features that you do not want to use on the device. In some cases, it asks for keeping associated data with the unchecked features to delete or not. If you delete the data from the device it will remain in the cloud. In the future, we enable the feature the data is available to us.

Remove a device from Find My Device:

When the Find My Device feature is turn on iOS device one can lock or wipe the contents in the device from remote locations if the device was lost or stolen. If an individual wants to sell the device to others, and that device signed in to iCloud account, make sure to remove the device from Find My Device. And before buying a used device, check whether the previous owner did the same. One can remove a device from Find my device either by turning off Find My device in system preferences or by removing iCloud account permanently. To check more go to http://www.icloudremover.org.

Remove iCloud Account:

if we have more than one iCloud accounts or got a new Apple ID or to delete old iCloud Account in order to switch to another account, it will be done by entering the iCloud password with the associated username to remove the account. To check more about icloud remover completely go to http://www.icloudremover.org. To remove an iCloud account from a device with the password, do one of the following:

  • Mac: Go to System preference -> iCloud and Sign out.
  • Windows: Open the iCloud App and sign out.
  • iOS: Settings-> iCloud-> delete the account and then follow the instructions to specify whether you want any of your iCloud data to remain on the device.

Removing an iCloud account from a device does not delete data from apple server’s or cloud. If we want to use the same account in future, the data will be re-downloaded for the corresponding features.