Convert All Your Favorite Songs into Mp3 Files

The Internet has made everything easy for the humankind. We can know about anything and learn everything from the web. Even if we want to connect with someone far away, the internet comes to our rescue. You want to listen to a song, watch a video, watch your favorite movie, binge-watch a season; everything can be done on the internet. Out of the countless songs available on the web, some are as simple audio files and some as videos. Getting the audio file is easy, as you can get it from any source. The main problem with them is their low quality. Listening to a bad quality song is as good as not listening to it at all.

For high quality, we need to go to the authentic sources which often put a price on these files. Another way of listening to these high-quality songs and music is by searching for them on video hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Here, you can enjoy all your favorite songs and music without any cost and watch them any number of times. However, it can be a little annoying that every time you need to listen to something you have first to open the website and then only you can enjoy your song. It also proves to be a hindrance to your work. Therefore, to save you from all the trouble is here.

This is an online tool that can help you convert and download your songs from the video format to the high quality 320 kbps audio format. Theirs is nothing better than listening to your favorite music and working simultaneously. You may feel that there are already many similar software and tools that can do the same work, what is so different about this one.

Here are some unique features of this tool:

  1. All the other online or offline tools may not work due to one or the other reason. Some offline software wants you to install the latest version of java or adobe flash player to work. Alternatively, online tools may not work with your browser, or it may want you to add an extension first. But not this tool which is available at This tool can work with all the browsers and do not need you to add any extension first.
  2. While using another online tool, you may be interrupted by a pop-up add, or it may require completing one survey first and then continuing with the conversion process. But not this tool, it works without any registration process, and no pop-ups or surveys are disturbing you while converting.