Best Moon Night Light review

The Moon night light is a fun novel bedside lamp that aids you to fall asleep to the light of the moon. These lamps have rough surfaces to look like the genuine moon and permit you to adjust the illumination to the perfect level. However these fun moon lamps make excessive gifts for kids, they are also faultless for adults who favor a little light while falling sleep. You can get more info at

Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light

This gorgeous moon night light through Mydethun is an excessive way to bring the lunar light into your home. This small moon sits on top of an attractive ceramic handstand. The light features two diverse light shades, a bright white, in addition to a dimmer yellow light. You can simply adjust the brightness of the light by a switch, to make it shadier or lighter for your needs. This moon night light is power-driven by a small rechargeable battery, as well as the USB charger is comprised of the set. Overall this moon lamp sorts a great gift, but since the ceramic holder is fragile, it might not be the best option for little ones.

7.1 INCHS CPLA Lighting Night Light LED 3D Printing Moon Lamp

This moon lamp night light through CPLA features a big 7.1-inch “moon” and sits on topmost of a lovely modern wooden stand. This lamp has genuine looking textures that create it feels like the surface of the moon. The lamp has two stages of brightness, a bright white as well as a yellow which copycats the look of the real moon. This lamp moreover uses a memory function to recall your last brightness setting, as well as uses a rechargeable USB cable toward power it. You can get this at

Gahaya Moon Lamp

This moon night light by Gahaya is a lesser moon, with a magnitude of 5.1 inches. But is just as attractive as the real thing. This mini-moon lamp moreover sits on top of a robust yet lightweight woody frame that appearances great by any decor style. Like the additional sizes of the moon night light, this one proposal a bright white plus yellow light setting, as well as uses a USB charger. The light power is also adjustable, so it is very easy to turn the illumination up or down. This moonlight is an excessive option for small nightstands or desks, and its smaller size creates it a great choice for fresher kids to hold. If you are in search of a large moon night light, Gahava also creates an 8.7-inch moonlight and an actually cool moon pendant lamp.