5 Easy Ways To Effectively Remove Your Personal Data Over The Internet

remove personal info from internet

Anyone can be a victim of cybercrime. Over the years, identity theft cases have increased dramatically. Nobody wants to be a victim. The only way to make sure that no one can have access to your personal information over the internet is to remove them from public data sources. If you are struggling to remove personal info from internet, then you have come to the right place.

Here are five simple methods that you can do to remove your personal information over the internet.

Social Media

You have to admit, when you search your name online using your complete name, the first thing that comes up in the results would be your social media profile. You might not know this, but all of your social media accounts can be used as sources of important information about you. That includes your complete name, location, your date of birth, marital status, even your family members and employment information.

Social media is where hackers can find recent photos of you and your family and friends. So if you want to delete your personal information online, you have to start with your social media accounts. Delete all of them as well as your accounts on all the websites that you have registered with.

Search Results History

Sometimes people still get surprised upon hearing that their search histories are being recorded every time they use the internet. In fact, search result histories record a few years back and can remain in public data sources if you do not clean it. If hackers and software experts are interested in your information, they can have access to it through your search results. They can easily track your usernames and passwords. So have the habit to delete your search history to have more privacy.

remove personal info from internet

Personal Emails

If you have a personal email, you are sharing your information through the web. What you are sharing is not only your username and password. This also includes your location and you are giving out these data every time you use this account when signing up on other websites or platforms. You have to know that your mailbox so many important information that no outsider should have access to.

Understanding Google

If you have a Google account, then your personal information is out there. This includes not only your personal data but also your interests and the type of websites you visit. If you do not want your personal data to be out in the open for hackers, delete your Google account. If you delete your account, you will be given an option to download the data stored or you can choose to delete everything.

Device Applications

There is no doubt that right now, you have at least five applications on your phone. Did you know that they also collect your personal data? Some apps will require you to fill up information before you can use their services. If this information leaks online or gets hacked, then your personal information including your bank details are at risk.

Removing your personal information online is not going to be easy. This would mean there are so many things that you have to give up through the web. So if you think that your data is at risk, do the tips mentioned above before it’s too late.