3 Solutions to Reset Windows Password

Solutions to reset windows password has become a burning demand over the period of last few years. With the ever increasing usage and dependency upon computer for mostly every task, the possibility of keeping a track of so many user credentials are too becoming a great headache. Nevertheless, even if you maintain two to three accounts in your computer, you will still have a lot of difficulties to keep the passwords memorized for a longer while.

This article is basically aimed at resolving all those issues when you fall into the pitfalls of great trouble after forgetting the system password. The solutions are very simple to follow even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge regarding technical aspects. Just keep reading till the end and the facts will automatically be imbibed in your memory as to how to deal with locked windows computers.

Solution #1: Reset Password with Password Reset Disk

This method is only applicable if you had created a password disk in the past. Now this is the right time to put it to use in order to unlock your locked computer. But it can only work if you are using the same system that you had used in the first place to create the password disk. Now read carefully the steps of this method and learn how to use it:

Step 1. Connect your pen drive containing your password reset disk to your locked computer and turn on your system.

Step 2. As soon as you see the login screen, click on “Reset Password” and the “Forgotten password wizard” gets launched.

Step 3. Press “next” button to skip to the next page and you can now reset the password of your locked user account which is you primary aim for the time being.

Step 4. Restart your computer and provide the recently generated password for the account and you will swiftly enter the account without any difficulty.


  • The password reset disk does not work with Microsoft, root and domain accounts.
  • If the password reset disk is not created prior to your mishap, then this method will not help you in any way.

Solution #2: Reset Password with PCUnlocker

PCUnlocker is an amazing Window password resetting tool which can easily reset any type of windows password, be it administrator, local user account, and root or domain accounts. In order to know the working of this tool, read the steps outlined below:

Step 1. Download the .zip archive of the PCUnlocker directly from the internet. Unzip the file and burn the ISO image files into an optical disk to create a bootable disk.

Step 2. Now insert the loaded disk into the locked computer and boot from it.

NOTE:Change the boot order of the locked computer if need be.

Step 3. Wait for a little moment and the bootable disk will automatically load the PCUnlocker windows into the locked system.

Step 4. Now from the main tool’s screen, select “Reset Active Directory Password” as the Recovery Mode and choose your target user account displayed on the screen.

Step 5. Next; click on “Reset Password” button to reset the password.

Step 6. After you have done this much, eject the bootable disk and restart the computer to save the changes you just made.

Step 7. The computer will now be restarted and you can type in the newly created password this time to enter the particular account.


  • The utility might create trouble with the latest Windows server version 2016, but not with the previous versions.
  • The software needs a lot of system resources which may slow down the system speed in time.

Solution #3: Use Passfolk SaverWin To Remove Password

Passfolk SaverWin (Free) is one such exceptional windows password removal tool which can actually give you the satisfactory results you so desire. Although you have tried many other softwares or utilities to get your issue resolved, but they never did. But this time you will not be disappointed as you have got SaverWin to back you up. It can actually remove all kinds of account passwords, be it admin, local user, domain or roots accounts. Moreoverthe tool has been verily tested with various brands of computers and laptops, thus you can be completely sure of its authentic performance.

Tool’s Salient Characteristics:

  • Whether Widows XP/ Vista/ 10/ 7/ 8, all the versions of Windows OS are supported by Passfolk SaverWin.
  • Windows server OS are also supported, like 2000/ 2003/ 2012/ 2016.
  • Data loss poses 0% possibility.
  • Re-installation of Windows OS is not required.
  • No disk image burning tools are needed.
  • Special technical adepts are not required.
  • All time customer service is available for your queries.

Things required before using Passfolk SaverWin:

  • A minimum storage capacity empty optical disk.
  • A fully operational computer or laptop.
  • The SaverWin program file.

How to use Passfolk SaverWin?

Step 1. Firstly download your setup file from the internet and install it correctly so as to avoid any miscalculations.

Step 2. Launch the tool with admin rights and choose “CD/DVD or USB” as the media type.

Step 3. Connect your vacant optical disk into the computer and click “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” to commence the burning of the ISO image files into the disk. Finally click “Ok” to finish the process.

Step 4. Disconnect the loaded disk and connect it again into the locked computer and press any hot keys to enter the BIOS utility settings.

Step 5. Alter the boot order from the device priority menu to load the disk image on the hard disk of the locked computer.

Step 6. Once you are done with this much, click “Reset Password” and then “Reboot” to initiate the process of password removal.


After reading the article thoroughly you can easily conclude that the only viable option that you have out of so many enlisted above is Passfolk SaverWin. This is the only suitable tool which actually offers you 100% guaranteed result without any doubt unlike the first two methods which has got so many downsides to break your trust.

Thus if you are looking for a stronghold benefaction for your system, rely on Passfolk Saverwin and keep the software installed in your system as you might need it again.

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