Are You Gaining Real Followers or Fake Ones?

Are You Gaining Real Followers or Fake Ones

Every person is super active on social media platforms nowadays. In the modern era, people rely on online platforms for the promotion of their businesses. And in an attempt to gain more followers, they end up buying fake ones. Having more and more followers will make you a bonafide influencer. And with a status of influencer, you will be able to get lucrative brand deals. So it can be a good idea to buy Instagram followers only if you are getting a deal which is reliable and trustworthy.

In today’s market, buying the followers has become insanely cheap. And that’s the main reason why people are getting fake deals that only benefit the website. People end up buying plans which are easily affordable at a price of coffee. But such cheap plans could lead to more harm than benefits. Many businesses consider that the top influencers bring in thousands of dollars as profit from their Instagram account, but that’s not the case with everyone. Just because you have more followers doesn’t mean that you will be getting brand deals and profits.

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For this, you will need real life Instagram accounts who really engage in the business. Many websites create a lot of fake accounts and sell you a mix of bot account with few legitimate users. There are also credit likes and follow swapping programs on Instagram which can be used to earn credit and more followers for their accounts.

However, you can make a smart move by choosing the best site to buy Instagram followers. While considering a plan you must be practical. If you only have 500 followers then it will be a bad idea to buy the plan for 10000 followers instantly. Thus, it is recommended that you choose a plan which suits your account and instead of making a sudden move, choose a plan which would increase the number gradually.

Not all the users are aware that Instagram has a team of employees which detect the fraudulent activities on the platform including the likes, views, comments, and most importantly the follower’s list. Thus before you choose to buy Instagram followers, consider going through a proper research to avoid the chances of getting blocked permanently from the platform. If the service detects that you are indulged in such activities then you will be flagged or suspended instantly and your account will be terminated.

So, make sure that you follow the Instagram best practices rules and engage your account with an authentic audience. There are few real websites who offers real-life followers instead of fake one such as Skweezer. So, it is important that you identify the reliable websites and mark the fake ones. As long as you are regularly involved with your account and you respond to all the requests that you are receiving, your account will seem ideal. But if you have a huge number of followers but your account activities is close to zero, then there are higher chances that your account will also be marked as fake.