Grow followers on Instagram

Instagram influencers are the new ‘guru’s of social media. Every millenial on instagram today is either an influencer or followers of such influencers. They build beautiful and aesthetic feeds in order to gain more and more followers and likes. However its not quite that easy to become one. And if you are new to instagram itself, it doesn’t mean you can’t become an influencer. But before you start on this journey, you need to have some expertise on how to utilize instagram the best way possible.

If you are looking for some basic tips to become an instagram influencer, the first thing you need to do, is navigate to this website, create your account and follow these 10 tips to get started!

  • Identify your niche:

So the first thing you need to do is to figure out your niche. A niche is nothing but a focused, targeted area that you serve particularly well. It has to be something specific and its only known to you. Only you know what kind of thing in life attracts you or inspires you, something that you are truly passionate about.

  • Post daily:

This can be done even before you create an account, start working on atleast 5-10 post ideas. Start by posting them one at a time, daily. Always pre-plan your posts so that you don’t miss a day. Pair these posts with beautiful-looking and attention-grabbing pictures. This is very important, since visual representation is what fascinates people more quickly and will make them read the caption below.

Grow followers on Instagram

  • Captivating captions:

Not just a line or two of some quote and hundreds of hashtags, but actual, deep meaningful captions, that’s what you need. No matter your niche, write beautifully and write a lot. There has to be a minimum of 300 to 400 characters with meaning, related to your niche.

  • Interact & Communicate:

You have to be actively engaging with your followers through comments and via DMs. Followers like it when their comments are appreciated and replied to. This way you can build an entire community of friends and followers who look up to you.

  • Business Profile:

Set your profile in a way that brands can approach you. This is because brands today are more and more interested in partnering up with instagrammers, in order to bring your audience’s attention to their profiles as well.

  • Network with other influencers:

Most of the already established influencers are more than willing to introduce and promote newbies through ‘shoutouts’ on their stories and posts.

  • Link all your social media:

Instagram influencer doesn’t mean you need to stick to instagram, in fact doing this might slow you down and lower your chances of ever becoming one. You need to have more than one social presence.

Follow these tips and watch your instagram grow!