What Are The Best Moments In Playing GTA Vice City?

What Are The Best Moments In Playing GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City has a thrilling story and playing the game from the beginning to the end is itself the best feeling for a gamer. However, there are always some best moments in a game that most of the gamers look up to the experience. If you still have not played it, you should go for GTA Vice City download APK file and install on your smartphone and start enjoying the moments. The following list contains the best moments that made GTA Vice City even more popular.

Completing The Mission – There are various missions available in GTA Vice City but completing the Phnom Penh 86 mission is probably the biggest achievement in the game. After its completion, you gain access to all places and you can hide and attack anywhere you want and you become a true gangster.

Taunting The Police – Taunting the police has always been a favorite activity in GTA series. That is probably because most of the people in the real life want to do the same. Being a wanted person in GTA Vice City, you get the opportunity to fight and taunt the reinforcements, FBI, SWAT and even military guys and it is pure joy and fun.

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Important Missions – Completing the Fire Fighter Mission is a great feeling as you become fire-proof after that. Similarly, completing the ambulance mission gives you the stamina to run indefinitely anywhere and all day long without any health issue.

Stunts – The stunts are a great addition to GTA Vice City. There are various stunts you can do by working out in the trainer’s room and you can actually perform them in the fight scene to taunt the rivals like a pro. A significant section of players plays the game regularly to do different unique stunts and jumps.

Messing With Ladies – If not for other reasons, you need to go for GTA Vice City download for the ladies and being close to them. You can do almost anything with the money and power. That is why it is one of the most controversial games. Hell, you can finish it up with the hottest ladies and even kill them after your pleasure reach the peak.

Lastly, driving through the neon-splashed street of Miami with ocean and palm trees all around is a sight to watch. You can amplify the joy by turning on the radio to set up the perfect mood.