The Amazing World Of The Sims 4: Create Your World Now

The Amazing World Of The Sims 4 Create Your World Now

The Sims had been the topic of life simulation video game players since it was launched. It was developed by the popular The Sims Studio, and published by the Electronic Arts. It was originally announced on 2013 of May 6, and released in the North America. The released date was 2014 of September 2 for Microsoft Windows. In the year 2015 of February 17 made the Mac compatible version available for digital download. This version of The Sims video game is the first PC game to top all format chat in 2 years. Since the day of the release date, the game had received mixed reviews. Good news, since it was launched, the sims 4 free pc claimed the bestselling video game around 2014-2015. In June 2018, the video game has sold for more than 10 million copies around the world. EA has released an exciting 6 expansion packs. Get Famous is the most recent pack which is released on 2018 of November 16. Not just this, another game packs have been released including Parenthood. Parenthood allows the players to share their characters’ children and teenagers upon going through life. Surprisingly, free update is added, major changes such as a toddler life stage which does not exist from the previous.

The Gameplay: Create A Sim 

The Sims 4 is the same to its predecessors. The players create a Sim character and then control their life. The character will explore different personalities that changes the way how the game plays out. Sims can do multitask like talking while doing tasks. Sims’ moodlets can change the gameplay. For example, the character can do a task while being totally excited or angry. The same to the previous Sims games, a player-created challenges flourish. The Legacy Challenge is one of the most prevailing. The player creates a single Sim with the goal of making a family line that lasts for 10 generation.

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This new version of the game has one major change, the Create  A Sim functionality sliders have been replaced by a direct mouse click, drag and then pull. With this, the players can manipulate any body part such as the arms, feet, abdomen and chest. In the previous game, only fitness and fatness can be manipulated on the Sim’s body. However, fitness and fatness can still be adjusted the levels in this new version of the game. Also, for the base games, more than forty hairstyles for men and women are available with 18 hair colors options. For the premade designs of the Sims, there are a selection to choose from which ranges in ethnicity and body shape.

Exciting updates of The Sims 4

Each Sim has 3 traits. In comparison to the previous Sims games, a Sim was restricted to have own clothing options everyday such as formal, athletic, sleepwear, swimwear and party wardrobes. Now, all clothing options are available all over forms of wardrobe. The player is allowed to change 5 outfits each category. Plus, a filter panel is built for the clothing options that can be sorted by outfit category, color, content, material, fashion choice, packs and style. Know more about the game by visiting the site.