Amusing action game for Android

The new edition of Bully game is an amusing action game introduced on an android device but it is now compatible on the iOS device as well. The Rockstar gaming featuring a great concept of bullying which is full of bravery and courage. A 15-year-old mischief Jimmy Hopking got admitted in Bullworth Academy and the story of courage starts when you will have to play the character of Jimmy and will have to fight from corrupt, criminal and notorious personality. The game will include standing up to the bullies, taking the teachers punishment, attending the class, many sports, and other competition, win or loss of the sweetheart girl etc, in this way you will have to survive for one year in this school.

Difference between bully edition and bully scholar edition

The main difference between bully edition and bully scholarship edition for Android is it offers a great high- resolution display along with a good texture and lighting quality. The new version has enhanced graphics and controlled feature which is required for good touch play. It not only offers touch play for original game but also a mini-game. The new edition provides you the opportunity that you can connect with your friend and can go ahead with the challenge. You can play with your friend by turn by turn or head to head is the other option. One can also challenge your new friend on mini-game in arcade style. The game which you can play with your friend id dissects the frog first, squirrel and nut shout game, English word problem etc.

A feature of scholarship edition

A very high resolution of the display is being offered by Bully Anniversary scholarship game. The Android version is providing an excellence lightning quality along with texture.  The scholarship edition includes a complete great story having extra performance, better character, etc. Here you can invite your friend to compete with you. This virtual competition is thrilling and exciting. The touch button is smart because when I will need the touch control then only it will appear on the screen. Mobile version is being supported by the physical controller. You can switch from one device to other because your account will save on the social hub game of Rockstar and you are able to play your game seamlessly.


Well, there are any exciting features related to scholarship editing of the Bully game such as the new edition features Apk which demands 41 MB. MOD APK is also here which demands 41 MB along with the data of 1.83 GB. But it is clearly said that it is just for android device, it is not accessible to any personal computer. About game size, it is large so it requires at list 2GB to 3GB storage. On play store, you can also see the rating of this game. Well, a rating of this game was 4.6 stars out of 5 stars but recently the rating has been shown 3.5 stars out of 5 stars on the android play store. On 15 February 2017, the new updated version was uploaded and in 2018 it was again updated. The content rating is 16 plus which is also good for the action game like this. 100,000 plus a number of people have already downloaded the game but there are many people who have seen the game. So overall the popularity of the game is spreading day by day.