How to Tell If Your iPhone Has Water Damage?

There is no doubt that water damage is quite a common problem with the iPhone. Sadly, it can lead to a remarkable drop in price, and sometimes, void warranties. So, water damage can lead to many problems on an iOS device, such as the iPhone. If you suspect your iPhone has water damage, but not sure, then here are the symptoms that give you surety. Before you consider iPhone Repair, give a look at the signs of iPhone water damage.

  1. Is Your iPhone Getting Hot?

Water damage iPhone can get really too hot. Even though it is a very rare case when it comes to the iPhone, the lithium-ion battery gets very hot, even catch fire when they are water damaged. If you suspect that your iPhone is starting to get hot than normal, then it is a sign of iPhone water damage.

  1. Is There No Sound on Your iPhone?

Water damage can extremely disrupt iPhone capability to play sounds. If you see there is no sound coming from your iPhone when you play songs or receive any call, then it is also a sign of water damage on your iPhone.

  1. Is Your iPhone Doesn’t Charging?

If water gets inside into your device’s lightning port or also known as charging port, then it can lead to corrosion, and stop your device from being charged.  Without any doubt, it is the most frustrating situation you can ever face. In such a case, you can try to charge your iPhone using different cable or charger. But, if it does not work, then water damage is probably the cause.

  1. Is Your iPhone Fails to Detect the SIM Card?

Your iPhone may fail to connect to the carrier of your cellular network if water has damaged your SIM card or its tray. You will see a message saying “No SIM” on your iPhone display if SIM tray or card has been greatly damaged by water contact. In such cases, you need to replace SIM card or tray and there is no option to fix this.

  1. Is Your iPhone Has No Service?

If you see a message saying “No Service” on your device display, then it water damage is likely t cause. The liquid damage can remarkable effects an antenna of the iPhone.  Your iPhone will show either poor or no service at all.

These are a few signs of iPhone water damage. There is no doubt that liquid damage to your iPhone is quite an annoying situation. Once you suspect your iPhone has damage, you should immediately switch off your iPhone, and avoid turning it on and don’t charge it. The best thing you can do is to contact Mr. Fix technicians. They are expert when it comes to iPhone Repair, they will figure out what is a real issue with your iPhone, and do the necessary replacement.