What will happen to unclaimed Google my business listings? Find out here

google my business listings

According to some research out of 10,000 Google My Business listings, there are about 2,500 of these listings are unclaimed or remains dormant because of the lack of management of its owners across the United Kingdom, and a majority of these profiles are home service businesses.

These sad statistics only tell that people are not fully aware of how important it is to put up their own profile in Google My Business and in fact, a lot of these businesses are ranked very well in the search engine, which means that these businesses appear more than three times in Google Map’s listings, while the rest provide the wrong contact information.

If a Google My Business listing is unclaimed by its owner, this means that this could either be hijacked or just left out without some sort of being prioritized by its owner while some are intentionally sabotaged because of competition by changing the phone number, as well as the website’s URL, its category and the name considering that Google My Business can be freely edited by anyone.

According to some experts, it revealed that Google My Business has a lot of good insight into what is really going on with the listings of unclaimed and local businesses despite that they have the convenience to respond to inquiries and questions from potential customers.

It is just sad that a lot of local businesses do not take advantage of this innovative way of how Google My Business steps up the way how businesses and its customers engage and communicate easily.


google my business listings

Google enables businesses to have its own way to respond to reviews at the same time giving the customers their chance to make comments for improvement, sometimes constructive criticisms, but sadly, a lot of Google My Business’ profiles are not that responsive, except those that truly have a dedicated staff that manages customer relations.

Unclaimed Google Businesses are left dormant and there is not much else that can be done to it since the data that are collected from these dormant listings are used to publish new statistics how local businesses deal with the technology which supposed to provide them convenience but left unnoticed.

For those being doubtful of Google My Business’ capabilities of reaching to your customers, here are some valid reasons that might convince you.

First reason is that centralizes your management in dealing with your customer and your business information with a very organized profile, the second reason is that it also claims your business listings, at the same time, it also collects your location data information in a single sheet while using the import tools in updating all the data at once, and this also checks, verifies, and processes all the necessary updates.

Just in case that your listing is unclaimed, Google will find a way in the web to grab more information that you have displayed on your site plus additional details with another set of information that will say about your business which acts as a directory.