How to Promote a Nonprofit Fundraising Online

Social media is so powerful, there’s definitely no denying to that. Since the power of social media has a good influence on events promotion, it has been a need to include it as you continue to plan and create your nonprofit fundraising.

For most reasons, social media can let you reach to thousands of people who are, statistically speaking: 40% interested to the event, 35% going to the event, and another 35% who are going to be sponsors to the event. This is going to be a great opportunity to not just showcase the event, but to let people know your purpose.

Basically, a lot of event marketing managers often experienced to pay more to the marketing strategy than in the actual event. But that payment is definitely worth every value of it. It is like you are paying for people to come, share, make noise, and pay for the event.

The only thing you need to do is to market it right. Today, this blog will tell you how. Let’s check this out.

The Event Marketing Rights

Basically, you can’t just pull off nonprofit fundraising without launching it online. You need to make sure that people know it, that people know something like this is coming.

You need to consider that your attendees and your sponsor might just be on Facebook swiping and surfing, or on Instagram stories, or tweeting on Twitter. That’s why making sure you have the right social media marketing is a must!

Tips in Social Media Promotions

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to promote your event without even spending a lot of cash— especially because it is done online. You just need to know the few tips…

Here are a few must-try effective techniques in promoting your event on social media.

  1. The power of Email

Anything that comes professional online is through email. If you are sending out proposals to influencers and sponsors then doing it on an email is the closest thing you will have to appear decent and professional. Send them a template of your event and a few lines to propose to them that you want them for your event.

nonprofit fundraising

Basically, you also have to remember that emails are versatile, so you must think beyond event invitations. You can use it to build excitements, spread the word to people who don’t even have a slight idea of the nonprofit fundraising. It is also a good way to keep registrants informed as the event is nearly coming, and it also builds loyalty afterward.

  1. Live videos on social media

Make use of the live videos on social media to let people grab a picture of what is about to happen on the event. You can post real-time videos of the team’s meeting, or the team doing the planning and event rundowns. You can also give them a glimpse of who to expect on the nonprofit fundraising.


Make sure that this comes so authentic too.

  1. Make an event page

Make an event page that will inform people a thing or two about the event. This is going to be the official page of the event where people are going to inquire, share content, watch for updates, and even book tickets. Basically, it is a good way to keep in touch with your attendees, influencers and even with your sponsors.